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Suryakant Tripathi 'Nirala'

Suryakant Tripathi 'Nirala' (Hindi: सूर्यकांत त्रिपाठी 'निराला') (21 February 1896 – 15 October 1961) was one of the most famous figures of the modern Hindi literature. He was a poet, novelist, essayist and story-writer. He also drew many sketches.


  • Ram Ki Shakti Puja (राम की शक्ति पूजा)
  • Dhwani
  • Saroj Smriti(सरोज स्मृति)
  • Parimal (परिमल)
  • Anaamika (अनामिका) (1938)
  • Geetika (गीतिका) (1936)
  • Kukurmutta (कुकुरमुत्ता) (1941)
  • Adima (अणिमा)
  • Bela (बेला)
  • Naye Patte (नये पत्ते)
  • Archana (अर्चना)
  • Geet Gunj (गीतगुंज)
  • Aradhana (आराधना)
  • Tulsidas (तुलसीदास) (1938)
  • Janmabhumi (जन्मभूमि)
  • Jago Phir Ek Bar (जागो फिर एक बार)
  • Apsara (अप्सरा)
  • Alka (अल्का)
  • Prabhavati (प्रभावती)
  • Nirupama (निरुपमा)
  • Chameli (चमेली)
  • Choti ki Pakar (चोटी की पकड़)
  • Uchchhrankhalta (उच्चारणखल्ता)
  • Kale Karname (काले कारनामें)
  • Chhaturi Chamar (चतुरी चमार)
  • Sukul ki Biwi (सुकुल की बीवी)(1941)
  • Sakhi (सखी)
  • Lily (लिली)
  • Devi (देवी)
  • Prabandha-Parichaya (प्रबंध परिचय)
  • Bangbhasha ka Uchcharan (बंगभाषा का उच्चारण)
  • Ravindra-Kavita-Kannan (रविंद्र कविता कानन)
  • Prabandh-Padya (प्रबंध पद्य)
  • Prabandh-Pratima (प्रबंध प्रतिमा)
  • Chabuk (चाबुक)
  • Chayan (छायां)
  • Sangrah (संग्रह)
  • Kullibhat (कुल्लीभाँट)
  • Billesur Bakriha (बिल्लेसुर बकरिहा)
  • Anand Math (आनंद मठ)
  • Vish-Vriksh (विष वृक्ष)
  • Krishna kant ka Vil (कृष्ण कांत का विल)
  • Kapal Kundala (कपाल कुण्डल)
  • Durgesh Nandini (दुर्गेश नन्दिनी)
  • Raj Singh (राज सिंह)
  • Raj Rani (राज रानी)
  • Devi Chaudharani (देवी चौधरानी)
  • Yuglanguliya (युगलांगुल्य)
  • Chandrasekhar (चन्द्रशेखर)
  • Rajni (रजनी)
  • Sri Ramkrishna Vachnamrit (श्री रामकृष्ण वचनामृत)
  • Bharat Main Vivekanand (भारत में विवेकानंद)
  • Rajyog (राजयोग)


His life was lonely and tragic at every stage.

Surya Kant Tripathi is one of the key figures in the history of Indian literature.He hailed from Bengal and got his basic education in Bengali medium but chose hindi when it came to writing his thoughts through essays ,novels, poems and stories. Like many other well known literaries his life was lonely and tragic at every stage. But it did not deter him from persuing his interest in studying various Indian languages. He became an expert in hindi,Bengali,Sanskrit and English,most of which he learned sitting at home. Apart from writing he was also a talented painter.

His father, Pandit Ramsahay Tripathi was a very strict person. Being a government servant what he earned was not sufficient for his family .So it will not be wrong to say that Nirala ji knew the meaning of poverty. His father enroled him in Bengali medium school although his interest was in Sanskrit and English .His mother died when he was very young ,leaving him to tackle alone his tyrannical father. After his mother’s death his father did not allow him to study further after matriculation.

Later he came back to his forefather’s native Uttar Pradesh to continue studies and work. he came to lucknow then his parental Godhakota village in Unnao district.

It is said that he was rebellious in nature and did not accept set pattern of society and ventured in new spheres of learning and practice Hence had to bear the burnt of criticism.

At a very early age he married Manohar Devi during his stay in Godhapur village.He much found solace and peace in his wife’s company though it was short lived. He also had a daughter.

Though he first wrote in Bengali but when his wife saw his leaning towards hindi she made him write in hindi. But at a young vulnerable age his wife died of a mysterious illness when he was only 20.years. His daughter a widow at that time also died shortly ,leaving him lonely and desolate .He went through an emotional and financial loss after the death of his two close persons. He tried to earn a leaving by working as editor and proof reader for several publishers in and around UP.

But he continued writing .His writings were not figments of imagination but spoke about true incidents and injustices prevalent in the society. He did not get any support because of his rebellious nature in an orthodox society of early 20th century.He was ridiculed and mocked .The various publishers dismissed his work and did not publish it.

He blonged to Chhayavad era, the neo romantic period. His talent and depth of knowledge of hindi language was recognised and paid due tribute after his death.The writings of Surya Kant Tripathi were unconventional and different in essence of his contemprories .Though nationalism and revolution were main content in his He also liked to deal with history of languages ,mythology,religion and nature .His work reflect a thorough study of Puranas. Because of his different style of writing Surya Kant received the title of ‘NIRALA’. He is responsible for introducing concept of free verse in hindi poetry.

He is best remembered for his poem ’SAROJ SMRITI’ which he dedicated to his deceased daughter.During early 20th century he was an eminent member of KaviSammelans.

He was inspired and stimulated by the life and ediologies of stalwarts like Swami Vivekanand, Sri Ramkrishan Paramhans and Rabinderanath Tagore.

All the misfortune and redicule he faced in his life took a toll on him. He became a victim of deadly disease Schizophrenia and ultimately lead to death in 1961,15th oct. in Allahabad His collection of work is now celebrated and admired by the present generation.

Today a park nirala uddyan ,an auditorium nirala prekshagriha,and a degree college mahaparam nirala degree college in unnao district are running by his name. A life size bust has been installed

at the main square of Daraganj ,Allahabad where he lived most of his life and his family still lives there.


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