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Temple Name : Ram Janki
Address :

Leelapur Kalan, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

About of  'Ram Janki'  Temple :

The Ram Janki Complex has a double height facade wall with a matching Gateway, built to accomodate temple related spaces.It is possible that the buidings on either side of the older Gateway were built later by the British for their own use as its elevation has Colonial elemnets.It also houses thecaretakers/ priest’s family. All the other three sides show tight developement up to the boundry wall, there are clear attempts at enchroachments which have so for not succeeded.The Temple stands in a large compound with trees and openspaces. It stands on a high plinth, is not very well known, but enjoys its own loyalists. The Stone arcade surrounds the Garbha Griha housing the Dieties, Radha and Krishna.The Garbha griha rises above the surrounding ambulatory and culminates in a Nagara shikhara.

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