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Temple Name : Veni Mahadev Temple
Address :

Bai Ka Bagh, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

About of  'Veni Mahadev Temple'  Temple :

The temple was presumably built before 1916,since a Sanskrit school attached to the temple has been running since 1916. The temple facade is all that is visible from the road, and completely renovated with modern finishes. The temple style appears to be unique, in that, in a temple of this antiquity, we find a garbha griha at two levels, one over the other. The entrance on the road consists of a mughal style arched doorway. The temple consists of two parts, the temple on two floors in the front and the residence of priest at the back in two floors. Though the temple in the front is almost completely renovated, at places lakhori bricks in the walls give away its age. Theoctagonal shaped tower like dome begins at the second floor, with a queer square base of lotus leaf motif in stone/ platser . The tower, a 100 ft tall, itself is ceramic tiled. The rear section housing the residence consists of a colonnaded aangan enclosing a courtyard and rooms around, in two storeys. To keep their links alive with Prayag, after amutual settlement between the Marathas (Peshwa and Ragho), the temple was constructed by Baijabai, w/o Srimant Daulatrao Shinde. Their personal army occupied the temple precincts, bounded by a wall and entered by a covered gateway. The temple precinct lso houses the living accomodation of the staff employed for the upkeep. Entered by an imposing gateway, which the Maharaja could enter sitting on his elephant, the the temple is diectly opposite. A simple square of Garbha Griha is enclosed on three sides by a verandah and an entrance verandah extending eastward. The last appears to be a later construction, though effort has been made to blend it with the original stone structure. The repetition of the Shikhar motif on the main shikhar is a clear influence of the Nagar style. Stone eaves project over the verandahs supported on stone carved brackets.

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